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Archive for June, 2010

I’ll Watch a World Cup Game Anywhere

I can’t claim that I’ve seen every World Cup game this year, so I won’t even try. We’re a couple weeks away from the final game, and I’m already lamenting how I’ll miss waking up to soccer, drinking coffee to soccer, or working while a game is on. The vuvuzelas make it all that much [...]

Property Update

When we bought property in Honduras, my husband (Doug) and I focused on undeveloped property for two reasons: cost and opportunity to build what we want. But being part-timers means that we’re taking our sweet time to build, so changes are incremental. Less than half of our 1.75-acre property is cleared of brush. We kept [...]

GJA: My Favorite Airport

Not all airports have club lounges, smoking sections, endless security lines and carts that nearly mow you down when you’re walking from gate to gate (IAH, I’m looking at you). My favorite airport, on my adopted island home of Guanaja, has none of those things. In fact, when I first began visiting, it only had [...]

Just the Beginning

I first traveled to Guanaja in 1997, a year before Hurricane Mitch sat on the Honduran island for three days, stripping it of every little piece of green. My trip—a kayak circumnavigation—only took a week, but Guanaja left a lasting impression on me. After returning once or twice a year afterward, my husband and I [...]