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Archive for July, 2010

Getting My Hands Dirty

Once I became a property owner in Honduras, my vacations there took a turn from 100 percent relaxation to an ever-changing mix of hammock time and getting dirt under my nails. One of the most rewarding projects, however, had only a little to do with my property and more to do with the island habitat. [...]

Voyage to the Salto El Limón

On my recent trip to the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, one of my favorite adventures was a jungle trek on horseback to the Salto El Limón. The 170-foot cascade is right in the middle of the Samaná Peninsula, and the horseback voyage winds through the jungle, across the Río Limón, along a ridge [...]

The Road Most Traveled

When I first visited Guanaja, 13 years ago, one of the things that stood out to me was the major method of transportation: boat. The only road on Guanaja—dirt and full of holes—went from one town to another (Mangrove Bight to Savannah Bight), leaving only trails or the water for the rest of the island. [...]

Soccer, Island Style

World Cup games are winding down, with only four teams left. It’s always at this point in the World Cup when I become concerned about the lack of decent soccer footage on TV once the big competition is over. Sure, I could watch the occasional U.S. game, or the highlights of the European league, but [...]

The Dusty Side of Aruba

Gorgeous turquoise water, soft sand, high-rise hotels, kiteboarding and umbrella drinks. Yes, Aruba’s got it all. But the “one happy island” also has a wild side, and even though I like my lounging time, I tend to prefer the wild side of things. On my recent trip to Aruba, I went on the Natural Pool [...]