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Archive for August, 2010

Celebrating Friendship in New Orleans

Media attention is on New Orleans this week for the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the deluge that followed the storm. I’ll be in the Crescent City for the anniversary, among a group of people working on a Habitat for Humanity house—just one of many that are still needed. I was in New Orleans [...]

Sampling Beer on Guanaja

In Honduras, often the best choice for happy hour is rum or beer. That doesn’t pose a problem for me, since I like both perfectly well. But cerveza drinkers on Guanaja have a few options, so let’s review them: Salva Vida. Perhaps one of the best-named beers, salva vida means “lifesaver” in Spanish, and if [...]

Main Street, Guanaja

The first time I visited Guanaja, I’d read a guidebook before my trip. Guanaja’s main town, Bonacca, is on a cay just a short distance from the main island. The guidebook reference to the town (also known as “the Cay”) as the “Venice of the Caribbean” conjured an image in my mind, and I was [...]

Happy at Home

I’ve spent a lot of time on Caribbean beaches these past few months, and it’s pretty difficult to get tired of them. What’s not to like? Warm, turquoise water that’s easy to float in is pretty high on my list. When I took a trip to Big Sur a couple of weeks ago, it reminded [...]

Travel Lessons

Even the shortest trip can teach us lessons about differences in culture, valuable things to have on hand, or even the best way to live your life once you return. One of the more interesting lessons I’ve learned during the past few years of traveling to Honduras is how some of the side effects of [...]