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Happy at Home

I’ve spent a lot of time on Caribbean beaches these past few months, and it’s pretty difficult to get tired of them. What’s not to like? Warm, turquoise water that’s easy to float in is pretty high on my list.

When I took a trip to Big Sur a couple of weeks ago, it reminded me why I love where I live in California. Some of the beaches are sandy and others are rocky. Sometimes, there aren’t even beaches—but huge, craggy cliffs that drop down to the Pacific. The water’s nowhere as warm as the Caribbean, but sometimes it gets some of the same hues. And not many Caribbean beaches get awesome waves to surf.

Sure, life in California can be speedy and hectic, but it doesn’t have to be, especially in these little coastal communities. When I focus on the natural beauty and not the daily grind and the tailgating cars, I love this place as much as the Caribbean. So I’m going to borrow one of the best things about my life on the island and apply it to my life here on the mainland—Caribbean time. It won’t warm the water, but hey, even my amazing powers have limits.


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