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Staring out the Airplane Window

Getting a good view out the airplane window is a lot easier the lower the plane flies. Now hang on, I’m not talking accident levels. I’m referring to those wonderful times when I’m in a little airplane and due to the topography and lack of other plane traffic, we don’t have to travel way up in the clouds.

That happens nearly every time I’m flying between Roatán and Guanaja, in a tiny four-seat plane that barely fits the pilot, Doug, me and the luggage. In fact, parked next to the gigantic Continental jet we take on our flights from the United States, the little plane looks like it belongs at an airport for dolls.

I wrote about the view from the airplane window recently, for Vagablogging, after an article I’d read by Peter Ferry on World Hum. While it’s always the same route when I travel to Guanaja from Roatán (and the return trip), I’ve seen the reef from above, remote island communities, waterspouts and the most amazing rainbow.

I’m glad I don’t have to participate in the flying process once we take off, because my head is always against the window, taking the journey in through my eyes.