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Archive for May, 2011

Confessions of a Cheater

When I fall in love with a country, I fall hard. There may be many I fall in like with after a short romance, and a trip will end with an uncomfortable parting and a promise on my part, “I’ll keep in touch, really. I’ll be back.” And I do mean it. But heart-stopping, daydreaming [...]

Monkey Island

The small bananas in the plastic bag looked a little like apple bananas. I couldn’t taste them, because they were for the monkeys. “Hold the banana tightly, or they’ll take it,” said the guide. “As they eat the banana, move your fingers so they don’t bite you. You won’t need to peel it—they’ll do that.” [...]

Cinco de Mayo in Puebla

Celebrated in the United States as a day of Mexican heritage as well as a festive drinking holiday, Cinco de Mayo (May 5) is also confused by many as Mexico’s Independence Day (Sept. 16). I’ve heard some explain the difference while saying that Cinco de Mayo isn’t observed at all in Mexico. But the anniversary [...]