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Better Late Than Never

It may be the end of September, but here on the Coastside, it’s summer. I’m used to it by now: Summer always comes late here. Tourists and people from the other side of the Coastal Range stream over to the coast in June, July and August to spend time on the beach, but they’re often greeted with fog or a cloudy day. And I sit in my office in front of my laptop, pretending I don’t mind.

I may be used to the non-traditional summer months of fog, but I miss the warm days more that I tend to admit. Growing up in the East Bay, summer was downright hot. We didn’t have air-conditioning, so many of my summer days (and nights) would be spent in our backyard pool—enough for my blonde hair to turn a subtle shade of green, in some cases.

This summer, I nearly had myself convinced that I was OK without the sweet, sunny days. With a packed travel schedule (Colombia, Vancouver, Colorado, Colombia again, and finally, Maui), I wasn’t home much in the first place.

But when September came, and most people had resigned themselves to fall, my summer began. It makes me happy that I’m actually home for a few weeks, so I can move my office out to the deck, nap in the sun for “coffee breaks,” hit the beach without having to wear layers of clothing, and not mind quite as much when I wipe out surfing—because the surface of the ocean is just a teeny bit warmer.

It’ll all end, of course, and I may miss when the weather changes because I’ll be on the road a lot in November and December. But for this moment… I think I’ll go hang out in the hammock and sleep in the sun.

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