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Surf Safari

Years ago, when I ran across the promotional materials for Las Olas, a surf safari for women on Mexico’s Pacific coast, the power of one sentence not only grabbed me, but knocked me over the head and nearly dragged me to Mexico.

“We make girls out of women.”

I often joke with close friends that inside, I am 5 years old. But as with many people, that wide-eyed wonder at the world gets clouded when at home and facing daily realities like work deadlines and paying bills. Scheduling a week to play is a dream, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve done it.

Now, I’m finally going. I’m on assignment, so there’s work involved—however this trip, I’m allowing myself more time off to enjoy. The timing couldn’t be better.

Stay tuned for more posts on my Las Olas experience, but likely after I return. More frequent, timely updates will be via Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Surf’s up!

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