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Archive for April, 2012

Recent Interview and Book News

I’m just back from the U.S. Travel Association’s International Pow Wow in Los Angeles and catching up before heading off on a Wales hiking trip early next week. But before I start packing, here’s a brief list of new and notable items: Radio I was interviewed on KPAM (AM 860 in Portland, Oregon) about my [...]

Slow Half Moon Bay

A year ago, I walked from Santa Cruz to Monterey—mostly on the beach. Walk the Bay, run by Slow Adventure founder Margaret Leonard, is a four-day, 40-mile inn-to-inn trek along the coast of Monterey Bay. I’ve visited the area more times than I can count, but until that hike, had never been alone for hours [...]

Favorite Things About St. Kitts

While I’ve been to only a handful of Caribbean islands, St. Kitts has been one of my favorites, and here’s why: Monkeys. On St. Kitts, it’s said that monkeys outnumber the human residents nearly two to one. The vervet monkeys are not native to St. Kitts, but were brought by French settlers and left there [...]

Bouncing Back

I learned to snowboard something close to 14 years ago. It was one of those sports I learned fairly quickly, and the excitement that came along with it kept me going back to play again and again. I didn’t dedicate enough time to get to more than perhaps an advanced beginner status, but I got [...]