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Slow Half Moon Bay

A year ago, I walked from Santa Cruz to Monterey—mostly on the beach. Walk the Bay, run by Slow Adventure founder Margaret Leonard, is a four-day, 40-mile inn-to-inn trek along the coast of Monterey Bay. I’ve visited the area more times than I can count, but until that hike, had never been alone for hours [...]

Backstage at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The world-acclaimed Monterey Bay Aquarium has been perched at the edge of Cannery Row since it opened in October, 1984, but each visit seems like a new one. More than 35,000 creatures representing 550 species fill the aquarium’s 34 major galleries. With nearly 200 exhibits, the aquarium is a showcase for the habitats and sea [...]

Half Moon Bay’s Best Pumpkin Event

After living in Half Moon Bay for 11 years, I’ve become accustomed to the pumpkin season. Here in the “World Pumpkin Capital,” farmers’ fields have gradually turned more orange over the past couple of months, and there are pumpkins everywhere. Thousands are stacked by color and type in patches throughout the Coastside, and cars full [...]

Better Late Than Never

It may be the end of September, but here on the Coastside, it’s summer. I’m used to it by now: Summer always comes late here. Tourists and people from the other side of the Coastal Range stream over to the coast in June, July and August to spend time on the beach, but they’re often [...]

Shock Therapy

Usually, it takes me a couple of days to recover from a trip. Day one consists of unpacking, doing laundry, checking the mail—all general housekeeping tasks. Day two is for my brain to get in gear. I may not be firing on all cylinders by the third day, but I can usually start to engage [...]

Behind the Scenes in San Francisco Parks

With more than 200 parks, San Francisco has more green space than any other municipality in the United States. Where do all the plants for those parks come from? The Golden Gate Park Nursery. It’s not open to the public, but I got the “50-cent tour” from George Vaughan, the chief nursery specialist. Sprawled over [...]

Slowing Things Down

I can’t count the times I’ve visited the Monterey Bay region. It was a tried-and-true vacation spot for my family when I was a kid, and later on, my mom lived in Monterey for a few years. I go there as often as I can, but only now can I say I’ve walked the entire [...]

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Yes, I’m still here. With trips to New Orleans and Belize, a handful of deadlines and the regular winter holiday crazy, I had to fall off the blogging map for a little while. Now that things have calmed down and I’m not going anywhere for a few weeks, I’m back on the horse. Although I [...]

Turning the Corner

For the past month, I’ve been learning to surf on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). No, I’m not on vacation at a surf camp. I’m just going out to a local break about three times a week and getting out there. Today, I finally turned the corner. It’s been somewhat of a frustrating experience. At first, [...]

Happy at Home

I’ve spent a lot of time on Caribbean beaches these past few months, and it’s pretty difficult to get tired of them. What’s not to like? Warm, turquoise water that’s easy to float in is pretty high on my list. When I took a trip to Big Sur a couple of weeks ago, it reminded [...]