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2012 in Travel Awesomeness

This year has gone by unbelievably quickly. In my mind, it’s a blur from Israel to Australia—and nearly everywhere in between. The thing that lures me to pack my suitcase again and again in pursuit of adventure is that sense of wonder in learning new things about the world. My family and friends who know [...]

Adjusting and Resetting Goals

Years ago, when I learned to kayak, an instructor reminded me of the importance of constantly adjusting my actions based on the numerous factors which had an impact on my being safely on the water. Did the wind or current change? Did another boater come across my path? Was I getting tired? Adjust. It’s something [...]

Making Air Travel Easier With a Clear Card Giveaway

While traveling is a huge part of my job, I’d often prefer to skip past the “getting there” and “getting back” parts, especially when they involve an airport. All the time spent waiting in lines can’t be fun for anyone, either to check bags, go through security, board the plane, or clear immigration and customs. [...]

Recent Interview and Book News

I’m just back from the U.S. Travel Association’s International Pow Wow in Los Angeles and catching up before heading off on a Wales hiking trip early next week. But before I start packing, here’s a brief list of new and notable items: Radio I was interviewed on KPAM (AM 860 in Portland, Oregon) about my [...]

2011 Best Travel Moments

It’s not yet the end of the year, but I’m not going anywhere until early in 2012 and there’s a rare speck of dust on my suitcase. I may as well summarize my travel year now. While there were definitely some strange aspects to my 2011, I made new friends (some of whom are the [...]

In Between Trips

For the past couple of months, and for the next one as well, I’ll be traveling so much that the longest I’ll be home is a week at a time. It may seem like a lot, but when my in-between time is spent decompressing from the previous trip and writing about it, plus getting ready [...]

Shopping for Travel Gear

Strolling through a shopping mall is far from my idea of a good time. In fact, I think it’s on the list of headache-inducing activities, somewhere after air travel next to someone wearing too much fragrance. That said, there is only one time that I enjoy shopping, and it’s right before a trip. That’s the [...]

2010 Best Travel Moments

Aside from a couple of fairly miserable airplane experiences this year (and I had enough decent flights to balance it out), I didn’t have too many bad travel moments in 2010. I made return trips to my two secondary homes—Honduras and New Orleans—but the majority of my travels were to places either new to me, [...]

My Favorite Passports With Purpose Prizes

By now, you’ve surely checked out Passports With Purpose and learned about this year’s goal of raising $50,000 for LAFTI to build a village in India. Right? It’s OK, I know how holiday stuff can get the better of you—whisking you into a whirlwind of food, family, football and shopping. Just think of this as [...]

Least Adventurous Travelers?

My pal, Mike Barish, has a post on Gadling today about a recent survey commissioned by Intrepid Travel. In terms of “who’s the most adventurous” when traveling, folks from the United States came in behind Kiwis, Aussies, Brits and Canadians. I’m sure some of that can be blamed on the fact that the U.S. culture [...]