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Archive for 'Island Diaries'

Pronunciation Is Key

When we’re in Honduras, we often have to go to the mainland city of La Ceiba to get things we can’t obtain on Guanaja. While we’ve become more familiar with the city over the years, it’s still not the easiest to navigate. Part of that is because directions are usually based on landmarks and not [...]

A Sucker for the Right Celebrity

I blame my years working in performing arts on my lack of excitement about running into celebrities on my travels. I was thrilled to meet some of my heroes, but otherwise, working with famous artists was part of my job. So when I’m somewhere and I’m told that the latest superstar is “just over there, [...]

Staring out the Airplane Window

Getting a good view out the airplane window is a lot easier the lower the plane flies. Now hang on, I’m not talking accident levels. I’m referring to those wonderful times when I’m in a little airplane and due to the topography and lack of other plane traffic, we don’t have to travel way up [...]

The Shade Tree Restaurant

The last time we visited Guanaja, Doug and I had lunch at a new restaurant. Run by our friend, Daniel Ebanks, The Shade Tree Restaurant is in the hills of Mangrove Bight. We’ve both enjoyed Daniel’s cooking for years, so knew we were in for a good time. We just had no idea how good. [...]

My Favorite Sign on Guanaja

I noticed this sign a couple of years ago at Zapata’s Store on the Cay. While it’s not the worst misspelling I’ve seen, it makes me laugh every time I see it. I know they intended for it to say customers and not costumers, but I can’t help imagining a boat full of people in [...]

Sampling Beer on Guanaja

In Honduras, often the best choice for happy hour is rum or beer. That doesn’t pose a problem for me, since I like both perfectly well. But cerveza drinkers on Guanaja have a few options, so let’s review them: Salva Vida. Perhaps one of the best-named beers, salva vida means “lifesaver” in Spanish, and if [...]

Main Street, Guanaja

The first time I visited Guanaja, I’d read a guidebook before my trip. Guanaja’s main town, Bonacca, is on a cay just a short distance from the main island. The guidebook reference to the town (also known as “the Cay”) as the “Venice of the Caribbean” conjured an image in my mind, and I was [...]

Travel Lessons

Even the shortest trip can teach us lessons about differences in culture, valuable things to have on hand, or even the best way to live your life once you return. One of the more interesting lessons I’ve learned during the past few years of traveling to Honduras is how some of the side effects of [...]

Getting My Hands Dirty

Once I became a property owner in Honduras, my vacations there took a turn from 100 percent relaxation to an ever-changing mix of hammock time and getting dirt under my nails. One of the most rewarding projects, however, had only a little to do with my property and more to do with the island habitat. [...]

The Road Most Traveled

When I first visited Guanaja, 13 years ago, one of the things that stood out to me was the major method of transportation: boat. The only road on Guanaja—dirt and full of holes—went from one town to another (Mangrove Bight to Savannah Bight), leaving only trails or the water for the rest of the island. [...]