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Archive for 'New Orleans'

Red Beans and Carnival Season

Three years ago, I visited New Orleans during the height of Carnival season. It was nothing like what I’d imagined. All the national media focus on the hordes of drunken bead-throwers on Bourbon Street had burned into my brain over the years and made me give the whole thing a pass. But local friends assured [...]

Packing Light (or Not)

When I was a senior in high school, I went on a weeklong trip with a different pair of shoes for each day. The bag I used was a huge wheeled beast that would often wipe out when I turned a corner. It’s taken years for my packing strategy to evolve, but I’ve finally gotten [...]

Breakfast at Brennan’s

One Jazz Fest weekend in the early 1990s, I had breakfast at the famed New Orleans restaurant, Brennan’s. My sister and brother-in-law accompanied me, and while our wallets were much lighter after the meal, we had fond memories of that amazing breakfast. A few weeks ago, I returned to Brennan’s for breakfast. I can’t believe [...]

Building a Home in the Rain

I never thought that spending a day to build a house in the pouring rain would be a rewarding experience. But on August 28, one day before the Hurricane Katrina five-year anniversary, I did just that—and I’d do it again in a second. To be honest, I wasn’t prepared at all for the rain. Sure, [...]

Celebrating Friendship in New Orleans

Media attention is on New Orleans this week for the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the deluge that followed the storm. I’ll be in the Crescent City for the anniversary, among a group of people working on a Habitat for Humanity house—just one of many that are still needed. I was in New Orleans [...]