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Tag: Aruba

2010 Best Travel Moments

Aside from a couple of fairly miserable airplane experiences this year (and I had enough decent flights to balance it out), I didn’t have too many bad travel moments in 2010. I made return trips to my two secondary homes—Honduras and New Orleans—but the majority of my travels were to places either new to me, [...]

The Dusty Side of Aruba

Gorgeous turquoise water, soft sand, high-rise hotels, kiteboarding and umbrella drinks. Yes, Aruba’s got it all. But the “one happy island” also has a wild side, and even though I like my lounging time, I tend to prefer the wild side of things. On my recent trip to Aruba, I went on the Natural Pool [...]

I’ll Watch a World Cup Game Anywhere

I can’t claim that I’ve seen every World Cup game this year, so I won’t even try. We’re a couple weeks away from the final game, and I’m already lamenting how I’ll miss waking up to soccer, drinking coffee to soccer, or working while a game is on. The vuvuzelas make it all that much [...]