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Tag: Caribbean travel

Favorite Things About St. Kitts

While I’ve been to only a handful of Caribbean islands, St. Kitts has been one of my favorites, and here’s why: Monkeys. On St. Kitts, it’s said that monkeys outnumber the human residents nearly two to one. The vervet monkeys are not native to St. Kitts, but were brought by French settlers and left there [...]

Staring out the Airplane Window

Getting a good view out the airplane window is a lot easier the lower the plane flies. Now hang on, I’m not talking accident levels. I’m referring to those wonderful times when I’m in a little airplane and due to the topography and lack of other plane traffic, we don’t have to travel way up [...]

Voyage to the Salto El Limón

On my recent trip to the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, one of my favorite adventures was a jungle trek on horseback to the Salto El Limón. The 170-foot cascade is right in the middle of the Samaná Peninsula, and the horseback voyage winds through the jungle, across the Río Limón, along a ridge [...]