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Tag: Island Diaries

My Favorite Sign on Guanaja

I noticed this sign a couple of years ago at Zapata’s Store on the Cay. While it’s not the worst misspelling I’ve seen, it makes me laugh every time I see it. I know they intended for it to say customers and not costumers, but I can’t help imagining a boat full of people in [...]

Getting My Hands Dirty

Once I became a property owner in Honduras, my vacations there took a turn from 100 percent relaxation to an ever-changing mix of hammock time and getting dirt under my nails. One of the most rewarding projects, however, had only a little to do with my property and more to do with the island habitat. [...]

The Road Most Traveled

When I first visited Guanaja, 13 years ago, one of the things that stood out to me was the major method of transportation: boat. The only road on Guanaja—dirt and full of holes—went from one town to another (Mangrove Bight to Savannah Bight), leaving only trails or the water for the rest of the island. [...]

GJA: My Favorite Airport

Not all airports have club lounges, smoking sections, endless security lines and carts that nearly mow you down when you’re walking from gate to gate (IAH, I’m looking at you). My favorite airport, on my adopted island home of Guanaja, has none of those things. In fact, when I first began visiting, it only had [...]

Just the Beginning

I first traveled to Guanaja in 1997, a year before Hurricane Mitch sat on the Honduran island for three days, stripping it of every little piece of green. My trip—a kayak circumnavigation—only took a week, but Guanaja left a lasting impression on me. After returning once or twice a year afterward, my husband and I [...]